Recognizing the Function of Phrases

When you click on "Start this test," you will be presented with a sentence. In that sentence you will see a group of words in ALL CAPS. You will then be offered four possible descriptions for that group of words. Sometimes the nature of the choice will depend not just on seeing what kind of phrase is being used, but also on how that phrase is working.

There will be feedback telling you whether your choice was correct and, if not, which answer is the correct one.

Go to the next sentence by clicking on the button 'Next sentence'.

Select your choice and then go to the next sentence.

We recommend that you do the sentences one at a time, in order; otherwise, the javascript that makes the quiz work can run amok.

At the end of the test the number of correct answers will appear, together with a percentage value.

Feedback: Correct answer:
The number of correct answers during the test:
This corresponds to a % of

If you score less than 80% on this quiz (and that's giving one away for carelessness), you should consider returning to the Garden of Phrases for additional review.

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