This quiz is designed to test your ability to recognize verbs and verb strings. You will also have to distinguish between real verbs and verb forms with other functions (gerunds, infinitives, and participles). Write the complete verb string for each sentence in the second text area (below the sentence). Don't use capital letters. Remember that an adverb (such as never) or a contraction (such as 'nt) is technically not part of the verb. If a sentence has a compounded verb, write both verbs and the conjunction that connects them. The "tab" key will take you from box to box or you can use the mouse-cursor; clicking on the "tab" key will also ask the computer to score each response as you go along. There are ten sentences. When you have finished the quiz, VerbMaster will give you an opportunity to redo those sentences that seemed to give you trouble.
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The verb or verb string in the following sentence . . . . is...

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